Nature's Medicines Product Review


Vapefruit Distillate Cartridges

The first product we got to sample was the “Juicy Fruit” Vapefruit cartridge and were surprised at the likeness to Juicy Fruit gum the flavor had. They really nailed it!
Juicy Fruit really brought back a sense of nostalgia especially with the brightly colored packaging. Which we loved! The cartridge itself is a c-cell with a clear duck-bill mouthpiece. It will work great with any 510 threaded battery!

The high was nice and uplifting. I would definitely use this cartridge during the day while getting some work done! It helped get our creative juices flowing! I am really excited to try more of their flavors in the future!


Sand Stone

The next product we sampled was the new Sand Stone concentrate from Phoenix Cannabis Co. At first sniff, it has a very nice aroma. You can clearly smell the terpenes as soon as you open the container, and they smelled amazing. It felt like I had just opened a jar of flower.

The consistency of it is solid but it melts like butter as soon as you go to break off a piece with your dab tool. It had a nice smooth melt in the banger. The hit itself was super smooth. I am a big cougher when it comes to dabs and I was surprised at how easy it was to clear my entire rig.

The high was ultra relaxing. It started off as a light feeling of comfort but slowly progressed into a heavy behind the eyes feeling. This is a great product to try if you have trouble sleeping.

Overall the no-mess easy clean dabs, had us wanting more. The flavor was great, and the relaxed feeling had us curled up with a cozy blanket and some muchies ready for a relaxing night.


$9 God’s Gift

We were given a very nice looking nug to of $9 God’s Gift to try out. It had a really great almost skunky smell to it, in a good way of course.

The bud was dense and light, and was easy to grind ! The only complaint we had was that it wasn’t a little more moist. This could be due to the pop-top containers not holding enough moisture though.

The high was super relaxing. This one had us reaching for the snacks right away. If you’re looking for a strain to help you get a good night sleep, or to ease anxiety this is a great one!

A huge shout out to Nature’s Medicines for letting us test these out for ourselves. We hope you give some of their products a try, we know we thoroughly enjoyed all of them!

Photo Credit: Full.Spectrum.Creative

Christina Mac