Venom X Cartridge Review


In the growing AZ Vape cartridge game we were excited to try Venom Extracts take on these convenient, super portable devices. They did not disappoint! With vibrant and satisfying flavor, smooth rips, and a nice balanced high these checked all of the boxes. We got to try Chocolate Hashberry, Slurricane, Blueberry Blast, and Bubble Gum Glue and are excited to share our experience with you!

Flavor: Chocolate Hashberry, Bubble Gum Glue, and Blueberry Blast were on the sweeter side. Out of the three sweet flavors we found ourselves reaching for the Chocolate Hashberry the most! With an almost fruity pebbles flavor mixed with a rich chocolate it gives a well rounded flavor profile. The last flavor we tried was the Slurricane which was more of an earthly flavor profile. The Slurricane has a nice pine taste with a hints of berries. If you’re a fan of the OG flavors the Slurricane is the way to go.

Effects: Berry Blast was adorned with a red flavor label indicating it’s sativa dominance. It provided a nice mid-day pick up without too overwhelming of a high. The Chocolate Hashberry and Bubble Gum Glue both marked with green flavor labels were the perfect hybrid mix. The Chocolate Hashberry flavor was a great wind down at the end of the day without completely putting you to sleep. Slurricane on the other hand was ultra relaxing and a great before bed flavor, this strain had the most body relief of all of the options we tried.

The Good: These sweet flavor profiles are great and not artificial tasting at all. Having alternatives to the sweet options like Slurricane for the more earthy palettes ensures everyone can find a flavor they love. The colored flavor labels were a really great feature more brands should adapt. This makes it easier to organize multiple cartridges and switch between them without losing track of the flavors. The ceramic cartridge with black duck bill tip made it comfortable and easy to get smooth even rips. The distillate itself is thick and didn’t shift around in the cartridge it had a nice gold color without being too dark.

Overview: We thoroughly enjoyed trying these, especially the Chocolate Hashberry (I couldn’t put it down). These are a great option for the multi-cart user. They were pretty consistent potency wise with other competitors we’ve tried. Overall these would be a great addition to your regular cartridge rotation!

Photography: Full.Spectrum.Creative

Christina Mac