Q. Do you have to work in the az MMJ industry to participate in cannafriends?

A. No. We provide a resource for like minded individuals to join together in their support for the AZ Cannabis Community. We welcome anyone to our meetings and Facebook page. We just ask when you do participate or join us at an event you add only positive and useful attributions to the community.


Q. why should i attend an event or become a member?

A. Ask any of our most successful members, networking is the best tool for gaining professional and personal success in this and any industry. We also offer presentations at our meetings from different brands with an open forum Q & A session so you can gain first hand knowledge of different industry products, and services. If that’s still not enough we have Chef Teresa Hansen who hand makes exciting and delicious hors d'oeuvres to snack on while you network. In addition to everything we just stated if you purchase an annual, bi-annual, or quarterly membership you also gain access to all kinds of perks that normally cost an additional charge like our quarterly pre-meeting yoga sessions!


Q. What happens if i miss a meeting?

A. Unfortunately membership tickets do not roll-over or transfer, they are on a “use it or lose it” basis. If you have an emergency or would like to pause your membership for an emergency circumstance please contact us at info@azcannafriends and we can make accommodations for you if possible.


Q. Are meetings medicated?

A. Yes, and no. If you are a valid MMJ cardholder we have a medicated area for you to use. If you are not a valid MMJ cardholder don’t worry you can still do everything but enter the medicated area. Lots of our members are not card holders so you won’t miss out on too much!


Q. is there a dress code for the meetings?

A. We offer a business casual setting and want you to feel comfortable while you enjoy this event with other. No need for a fancy suit or dress clothes required we encourage you to come as you are!