White Dream by Giving Tree

I’m always excited to try strains you can’t find in many places. When I took my first trip to The Giving Tree Wellness Center (Phoenix location), I got the White Dream. I love sativa hybrids, and at the time, I bought a lot of White Widow. They are the only place to grow White Dream.

As a common Blue Dream consumer, I wasn’t sure I would like it bred with something else. The White Widow gives the Blue Dream a little extra body-high push.

White Dream kicks in quickly, and for me, it starts with a solid body high before hitting my brain. It’s that body high that made me love this strain. It’s a great one before and after working out. Before the gym, it puts my brain in an active mood, like most sativas. By the time I get there, the head high hits, and I power through my workout. It’s also great for pain and gets me through the tough workouts.

After working out, though, is where I think White Dream shines. Helping with the pain is a big deal for me, and I can barely feel it by the time I get home from the gym. That’s where the THC-A helps out, which is great for inflammation.

White Dream is a typical sativa in that it’s energizing, motivating, and happy. As a budtender once told me about sativas: “It’ll get you cleaning your baseboards.”

And, I’d have to add, get you through your workout.

THC: 24.2%  CBD: .63%

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