Stoney Yoni by Sublime (male)

As someone with a penis, it’s hard not to be a little envious of vagina havers when it comes to feeling the effects of cannabis-infused topicals as sexual aides. The truth is, we just don’t have surface area they do, so the pleasurableness potential is lessened. That is, until I tested a pre-market option from Empower Body Care with my wife two years ago. I wanted to order by the case.

When Sublime showed up at Medicated Mavens yoga event (one of the Mavens is a recent Sublime hire) with cannabis-infused spray meant for the ladies, I knew I’d want to try their concoction to see if I could top the “pulsating rod” feeling I’d had previously.

Yuuuuuuup. More along the lines of Kylo Ren’s lightsaber’s barely-contained throbbing, my man parts seemed to keep going even after I’d finished, confusing my wife who couldn’t tell if my still pulsating member was done. My orgasm was more powerful than typical, with a cum shot that surprised us with both its duration and velocity (I’ll be sure to measure distance next time).

A second go ‘round was certainly an option, as my erection seemed to hold at about 80% of its typical max. Eager to finish what I started, I instead went down on my wife, who reported that “everything felt all tingly, I could feel more of my lady parts than usual.” She came in about a quarter of the time, and since I still hadn’t deflated to even half, we started again.

This was short-lived, as our bodies just couldn’t muster up the energy to keep going. We paused on the downstroke, hoping to catch our breath and a second wind, but had not properly trained for this level of sexual connectedness. Deciding to wait until next time, we rolled over and fired up the iPhone voice recorder to take some notes.

Two minutes of conversation later, we were both too tired to continue even that. Recommended.

THC: 81.43% CBD: 3.18% CBN: 1.67% CBG: 2.79%

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