Blue Dream by Dutchie

Cannabis cigarettes have been a long time coming. While many still enjoy the experience of hand-rolled options or layering kief, hash, and flower in a cone, these fancy joints have the potency and quality to become part of a daily routine, relegating those more time consuming methods to special occasions.

Dutchie aren’t the shake- and/or stem-filled prerolls available at many dispensaries. The mood-enhancing sticks are filled with premium flower grown by a single cultivator, in an effort to keep quality consistent throughout each of their 30 strain options.
Each strain-specific, six-joint pack uses a different grinder and rolling machine to keep the trichomes to themselves, making for a  more dependable smoke no matter the strain (we’ve had Blue Dream and Tangerine Power so far).

These half-gram Dutchie pack quite a punch, enough to make this reviewer want to share each with at least one person. After finishing one after a concert at Crescent Ballroom before riding my bike home, I had a blast taking in the street lights during the ten-minute ride.

The high is expansive and energetic, with a burst of stimulation coming from right behind the eyes, lifting and expanding upwards. It helped me understand thought patterns a little better, though it got my mind racing a bit more than I expected about 35 minutes in. The body high hits mostly in the chest, with some nice head “tingles” as the initial high plateaus and evens out.

Don’t underestimate the punch of the little half-grammers, but do feel secure in knowing that if you have a Dutchie in your pocket, it’s enough for at least a couples sesh.

Dutchies are available in six-packs for around $49, with 10-pack cartons discounted 20% to $392, bringing the per gram price down from around $18 to $13 per joint, putting it right in line with premium grams sold at dispensaries, but without the need for a pipe or papers.

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